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Dark, mischievous, side-splittingly funny.

Global media

Merciless nihilist!

German media

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All I ever wanted was to be Jack Kerouac. And now this.

I'm funny for a living. Bit of a hassle for a Kraut. But hey.

At least I get to look gloomy on the "edgy" pics on this site.



I'm a stand-up, I travel the world, I write, I make videos.

I love cultures, Ginsberg & Kerouac, wild epiphanies, new perspectives. As well as football, Laphroig, North Carolina, grapefruit juice and lots of basic shit.

I like comedy that helps you laugh at the madness and that connects humans. Dark, mischievous social observation. Shit that matters.

Or just plain silliness. Fuck it, why limit myself?


In my spare time, I enjoy explaining Germans................. I guess...

Ever since my 2011 5-Step Guide to Being German, I guess I'll never get back out of 'comedysplaining' my charming, crazy mishap of a country. But hey, it's good fun.

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Coming soon to these cities:




This is where the tour calendar normally is, but... you know...

Please check back as Corona and lockdowns ease up.

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... stays on stage, mostly. Not all gigs get recorded.


Current unrecorded bits include: what climate change and porn have in common, chocolate as Christianity's competitive advantage, and why there is no German Breaking Bad: we have gun laws, healthcare, and free college — Walter woulda been fine in Germany.
So: no healthcare please, America! It would make for shit TV!


Check back sometime to see whether we managed to record
(or pirate from TV or whatever) some newer bits than these here.


Anyway. Enjoy!